• beetroot hummus

    Quick and Easy Beetroot Hummus

    Lately, I’m obsessed with colorful foods. Vibrant beetroots, pumpkins, purple cabbage, watermelon radishes, peas anything with the colors of the rainbow will brighten up my day. Did you know that each color represents its unique vitamins and nutrients? There comes the saying: eat the rainbow! Red, purple and blues serve as a powerful antioxidant in the body. They are for a healthy heart and memory function. Strawberries and beets, for example, are high in folic acids. Red paprika and mix berries are loaded with vitamin C. Orange and yellow colors is packed with beta-carotene. This antioxidant is then converted in the body to vitamin A and maintains eye health (here…

  • walnut basil pesto recipe

    Easy Basil Walnut Pesto

    Who doesn’t love a flavourful pesto? They come in handy in pasta dishes, on toast, mixed with mayonnaise for a cream sauce or dip. This Easy Basil Walnut Pesto is my go-to pesto recipe. I swap the classic pine nuts for walnuts extra crunch, healthy fats and anti-oxidants. Using mainly pantry staples, except for the basil, but basil is easy to get your hands on since they grow through the year. You may even grow your own basil, right in the comfort of your kitchen? Since I started to grow my own vegetables and herbs, I can’t stop making use of them. Stay tuned for more delicious healthy recipes packed…

  • creamy hummus

    The Best Creamy Hummus

    Growing up in Amsterdam made me very multicultural, which I’ve experienced as a very good thing that I’m grateful for. I love to travel, meet new friends with all sorts of cultural backgrounds and the bonus of all is trying out new food during my travels. I don’t really have a favorite cuisine, but somehow I have a soft spot for Middle Eastern cuisine. A creamy hummus definitely makes my heart beats faster, it’s one of my favorite dips! The main ingredient chickpeas is an underrated legume if I may say. Since eating a plant-based diet I always turn to chickpeas when I want to eat something filling, healthy, packed…