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    I Can’t Stop Drinking This Green Smoothie + 3 Steps For Successful Meal Prepping

    Zion said the other day that Green Smoothies look like diarrhea. I had to laugh so hard because let’s be honest some of them do look like sh*t and even smell like that. But not anymore my friend! I’m going to teach you how you can make simple tasty nutritious Green Smoothies with a few ingredients. In addition, one that keeps you full but your tummy flat. You see, it’s all about the combination and ratios of ingredients. Therefore choose your liquids, fruits, leafy greens, optional a superfood and blend it baby! You find the perfect Green Smoothie recipe at the end of this post. But for now, find below…

  • immune boosting turmeric juice

    Immune Boosting Turmeric Tonic

    I believe you can always find simple ways to boost your immune system. If you want to learn more about the immune system and gut health please read this article for more wisdom nuggets. In this recipe, it’s all about good taste, texture and a good dose of anti-inflammatory properties, vitamins, minerals and fiber. All these are essential to support your overall health and in particular your gut health. Did you know that your immune system is connected to your gut health. If not, you should really head over to the article before making this tonic. This combination is classic and timeless and I’m sure you will enjoy it! The…

  • Healing Detox Tea

    Healing Detox Tea

    The last couple of weeks were quite extraordinary on the island of Bali — several earthquakes, lots of rain for a dry season and too many mozzies, who said climate change is not a real thing? You better be prepared when the weather changes drastically. So I came up with this Healing Detox Tea for when you feel under the weather. Or actually, you should drink this as an immune booster/gut healing/miracle/detox concoction. Whenever you are drinking this, it’s good for you! So without further ado, let’s get brewing! Healing Detox Tea Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Serves: 1 liter Ingredients 1 liter filtered (warm) water Juice…

  • blue berry smoothie

    Blueberry Cashew Smoothie

    Smoothies are my go-to quick snack or breakfast when I have little time. Surely as a mom and wife, I too have a busy schedule yet want to maintain my health and prevent any energy dips. I made myself some promises regarding a healthy lifestyle. Number 1: I never (well never say never) skip breakfast. That’s the most important rule (rules sound horrible but hey, you gotta give yourself some boundaries). When you skip breakfast, what literally means -break the fast- from all the hours of sleep (average 6-8 hours), your body is in survival mode. In other words, it stores fats and calories because the engine is not receiving…

  • silky skin smoothie

    Silky Skin Smoothie

    Who doesn’t want to have silky soft skin? The good news is that you can eat and drink your way to a healthy and beautiful skin using a few key ingredients. The 7 best foods for glowing skin Dragon fruit or pitaya is high in vitamin C, fight inflammation and has vitamin B6 that helps you regulate your hormones and reduce facial acne. Walnuts are packed with healthy fats even higher than both omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Avocados for the healthy fats that keep your skin moist and flexible. Seeds and chia seeds are in general skin boosters because of healthy fats, vitamin E, selenium, and zink. Paprika is high…

  • golden turmeric latte

    Golden Turmeric Latte: The Anti-Inflammatory Power Drink

    Turmeric is the orange-yellow golden root family of the ginger. It’s known for its anti-inflammation healing power. A teaspoon of turmeric a day keeps inflammation, toxins, pain, and cancers at bay. In Indonesia, the golden turmeric is incorporated in plenty of ways. There’s the famous nasi kuning (yellow fragrant coconut turmeric rice) and jamu, which is a medicinal herbal drink. I love to make my own jamu with its main ingredient turmeric combined with lemon, ginger (optional), and honey. Today’s recipe is about turmeric latte, praised for it’s healing power and a popular drink in both India and lately in the US too in places such as San Fransisco and…

  • matcha soy latte

    Matcha Soy Latte

    I love everything with matcha or green tea taste. I used to think that taking the green tea option was a healthier choice over chocolate flavors. Which in the end is not quite true as both has sugars, when store-bought, in cookies or lattes. But when making it yourself it changes everything. You can control the (natural!) sugar amount, make it dairy or dairy-free, the amount of green tea powder or matcha. In this recipe use soy milk as my creamer of choice, especially since I’m a proud owner of the Hurom slow juicer, I love to juice beans and all sorts of nuts like almond and cashews. So it…

  • beetroot juice

    Beet Root Juice

    I want to dare you. Yes, you. Try this recipe, especially if you are not a fan of beetroot. Beets have the most exquisite color, yet they are not popular among men. It’s true that you have to get used to the earthy, ground flavor, but considering how healthy these little charms are, you should give it a try! It has been linked with lowering blood pressure, boosting your stamina, fighting inflammation, and supporting your detoxification process. I’m a juice lover, and we have this habit at home of drinking fresh juice every single morning. My fridge is stocked with fresh fruit and veggies, mostly for juicing purposes. This tradition…