How Keeping a Gratitude Journal Changed My Life

You see, a diary isn’t just a place to write down your thoughts or scribble down that dream house. I want to encourage you to add a new category to your thoughts. How about you start to appreciate all the good things of your day. You start to count your blessings, see the positive aspects of that never-ending 2 hours commute to and from work. Because if you start to see the positive sides of your circumstances you start to ACT & THINK a different way. 

The Right Perspective

Complaining about your circumstances has never helped anyone. Including yourself. As a matter of fact, the more you focused on the negative and lack, the more you attract exactly that — negativity and lack. If you take action from a perspective of lack, the action is always counterproductive. What you need is a mindset shift. A new perspective. A new way to see your situation. A new way to approach life. 

Have you thought about the fact that in times of trouble, the problem might not be at the other person? It could be you, because remember, you take yourself with you where ever you go. You are taking that same mindset, mood, attitude and perspective with you. Unless, you change that. 

Life Lessons

Start focusing on the good things in life and the good things of today, You’ll very likely produce good fruits and good results immediately. Although you might not see the positive sides yet from that long commute, a husband working long hours, your child who is still waking you up the middle of the night or you suffer from burnout at work. You see, there’s a reason behind everything. These things happen to teach you lessons. The question is what you are going to do with these lessons. Do you decide to be reactive, or do you choose to pause and come up with a fresh perspective and start expressing gratitude to these situations. 

Daily Positives

I encourage you to get a new notebook and call it the Daily Positives. Start writing the positive things from your current challenging situation. Perhaps you’re staying home, because your boss send you home to take a break from all your tasks at work. You’re feeling miserable and overwhelmed with work and life. You start to doubt about your skills, your capability, everything you worked so hard for is starting to collapse. What do you do now? I want to encourage you to start expressing gratitude to your boss. What a courageous thing of him to send you home and start taking care of yourself. It’s a unique opportunity to evaluate and reflect on life and your ambitions. You can finally take it easy and book yourself a holiday to fully rest your mind, body and spirit. You can finally sleep in, how wonderful! 

Do you see where I’m going? Can you see how this perspective has changed? While doing this exercise you’ll feel your emotions changing from negative to positive. You can’t feel grateful and miserable at the same time. The moment you start to feel better, your boss and co-workers start to treat you differently. Your point of attraction and focus starts to shift and this is the moment you start to approach your situation, your burnout, your surrounding and yourself differently. 

You don’t have to limit the Daily Positives in challenging situations only. I encourage you to write about things you already feel positive about, just to get in the habit of good-feeling thoughts and for the pleasure of good-feeling thoughts. It’s a nice way to live.

As always, so much love for you and this community.



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