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How to Navigate Through COVID-19 With the Right Mindset?

So life is tough for most people right now, globally. As we speak there’s a global pandemic going on, people are getting sick and even worse dying. 
But then there are a lot of people who don’t fall in this category. But they are left without jobs, being stuck at home with their spouse and/or children, experiencing anxiety, financial stress, domestic abuse, worries, sleepless nights and exhaustion. Yes, exhaustion.

Bottom line, in whatever category you fall – your life has changed dramatically and expected! And the hard part is, for how long? We don’t have a clear endpoint to this new way of life or any manual or roadmap for navigating a crisis like this.

All these triggers can create physical and emotional problems. So I believe it’s essential to focus on our mental health right now even more than the things we eat. Yes, food is medicine, but it’s not the only thing that nourishes our mind, body and soul. 

It’s important today to reduce stress and build resilience and grit to keep your mental health in check. 
We can’t control COVID-19 in the coming weeks or even months, but we can control how we respond to it.

Yes, we don’t see each other in real-time anymore.

Yes, events are canceled.

Yes, schools are closed and we have to act as teachers now too at home.

All this leads to feelings of stress, fear, panic and powerlessness. So let’s learn to adjust our attitude to what we can control and have a bulletproof mindset that helps us through this difficult time with a sense of control over our response to keep anxiety away.

Ok, I just want to make it very clear that it’s absolutely normal if you’re anxious today. This is a normal response to the pandemic. Without going too technical into science. But we, humans, are wired to feel fear. This has kept us safe for centuries back in the days. This alarm system we have in us to run away from a saber tooth tiger. We need to recognize fear so we can run and keep our families safe. It’s our survival instinct!

But sometimes this fear can lead to panic if we don’t monitor it well in modern days.
We want to find a middle ground between not caring about the current crisis and experiencing panic attacks daily. 

I want to share 5 ways you can do today to shift your mindset to help you cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Or any crisis after this.

1. Step back and look at the bigger picture.

During stressful times we go into a fight or flight response – meaning survival mode on, buy all the toilet paper in the supermarket and tell everyone it’s doomsday and Jesus is coming back we’re all going to die. Well, we also know that often times, this is not the case, it’s simply not true. But the power it has over you and your mind are huge. And this can lead you in a downward spiral. And eventually leads to depression and burnouts. It’s important to get control over all your WHAT IF’s statements. They are negative and lead you into paranoia. Simply take a step back and look at the bigger picture and focus on what you can do RIGHT now to find opportunities, to stay positive and take action.

2. Focus on what you can control.

In uncertain times it can feel difficult to take back control and get behind the steering wheel. That’s why it’s important now to look at the facts that will help you get your power back. For instance, what are you letting into your life and more importantly into your mind now? Think about the media, news outlets, social media. Are you only letting fear and negative news control your mind, or are you going to cut the noise out and focus on meditating, connecting with loved ones, eating well, learn a new skill? This all helps you to get control back over your life and emotions, these activities all suits your soul. 

3. Have a fearless mindset.

Train yourself to know the difference between fears for what-ifs and real facts. I always say — what you believe is true. If you believe that COVID-19 is after you and you will get sick or you’ll lose your job, your spouse, your sanity, then what do you think you will harvest? Exactly that! Get out of your head and start living from your heart. Start getting into real action. Yes, it’s very realistic to calculate your finances right now, how much savings you have, what new business opportunities there are, eating well in order to boost your immune system. All very important, but don’t forget to compare your fears with facts. You don’t want to live through this crisis with the worst-case scenario every day. Most times it’s not gonna happen anyway!

4. Have a daily routine.

Find out what remained the same in your life? You still have your husband? Ok great, your kids are still cheeky, ok check. You can still eat your favorite foods, well amazing! If you look for the things that are still the same now as before COVID, this can anchor you in this stormy weather. Find power in the daily routines and schedules. The things you did before COVID-19. Start the day with a gratitude journal, count your blessings. Stop bringing your phone to the bedroom and stop scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning.

Remember you have options, you make the call my friend. Your morning determines the rest of your day. Wake up fresh, get dressed, do your workout if that’s what you were doing before COVID-19, have breakfast, get the kids ready, have lunch, do some work, if you lost your job, research new opportunities, make dinner, have playtime, read for your kids, take a stroll. The point it to maintain your regular routine! But at the same time adopt a flexible approach, don’t get mad at yourself when things go different. This also means that if you don’t have a routine you can look forward to every day, you might feel exhausted from doing nothing, yes that’s possible too.

By not getting dressed, not seeing sunshine, which is a mood booster, not connecting with people, not doing some sort of work, you may fall into depression real quick. Shift and change your plan if needed. Be flexible, be realistic and stop demanding perfection from yourself. Like, stop it now. 

Download my free cheatsheet: 10 Tips To Create a Solid Daily Routine here.

5. Be kind and gracious (compassionate) to yourself and your loved ones.

In this difficult time, it’s easy to take care of others only. Your husband, your children, your parents maybe or even your friends. But hey, don’t forget to check in with yourself. Don’t neglect yourself. Have you eaten already? Oh, maybe the wrong question because we’re eating all the time, aren’t we?

But did you have a good night’s sleep? Did you move your body today? Could you relax this afternoon, just doing one thing for yourself? Don’t forget to check in with you. On the other hand, if you need to watch some Netflix go watch something that is making you laugh. If you need to have your favorite ice cream, go for it. If you need to call a friend, do it. Yes staying in close contact with your community, friends and family give life. I love how in this time of social distancing people are busier in their kitchen. Baking and cooking and sharing their food with friends and family. Such a positive side effect from all this don’t you think? Be kind to yourself and loved ones, show compassion, forgive quickly, help someone in need including yourself. Do whatever that’s making you feel better, please, please please do it today.

I want to close by saying that with every crisis in human history, we have the chance to learn new survival strategies and build our resilience, our grit. We are created in Gods’ image, we’re conquerors, tell the devil not today! 
By shifting our mindset we can learn to navigate our fears, our marriages, finances, health and business in a more effective way and really achieve positive mental and spiritual well being. 
Let’s focus on what we’re getting out of this situation instead of losing. How we maintain our mental and overall health now can only help us after COVID-19 to live a long, healthy and happy life. 

With so much love and gratitude,



P.S. Don’t forget to download my free cheatsheet to create a rock solid routine that sets you up for winn

Download my free cheatsheet: 10 Tips To Create a Solid Daily Routine here.

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