• mango coconut milk popsicles
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    Mango Coconut Chia Popsicles

    My kids love popsicles, ice cream, donuts all the sweet stuff. But especially the sensation of ice-cold popsicles is magical to my boys. My youngest often scoops out ice cubes from my drink and eat it. Brain freeze! Instead of feeding my boys with ice cubes, why not make healthy, fresh and fruity popsicles without the added refined sugars and dairy? I always have frozen fruits and vegetables in the freezer. Think of mangoes, all kinds of berries (cheaper than fresh ones!) bananas (excellent for nice creams = banana icecream) and lately I’m using cauliflowers in my smoothies to get that extra vitamin hit plus it makes it all creamier.…

  • blue berry smoothie

    Blueberry Cashew Smoothie

    Smoothies are my go-to quick snack or breakfast when I have little time. Surely as a mom and wife, I too have a busy schedule yet want to maintain my health and prevent any energy dips. I made myself some promises regarding a healthy lifestyle. Number 1: I never (well never say never) skip breakfast. That’s the most important rule (rules sound horrible but hey, you gotta give yourself some boundaries). When you skip breakfast, what literally means -break the fast- from all the hours of sleep (average 6-8 hours), your body is in survival mode. In other words, it stores fats and calories because the engine is not receiving…

  • sweet potato fries

    Rainbow Turmeric Sweet Potato Fries

    Did you know that sweet potato are healthier (fewer carbs and calories) naturally sweeter have more fiber more calcium and magnesium have more vitamin A + C than its cousin white potatoes. Next time when you do groceries lookout for these beautiful sweet potatoes that come in different colors such as orange, purple, and yellow. Don’t confuse them though with yams, that’s family from the other side. Since I eat more plant-based and gluten-free I always have sweet potatoes at home. They are incredibly versatile to cook with and they keep you full longer. Because they are naturally sweetened, therefore kids love them too. In today’s recipe, I created the…

  • coconut lentil soup
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    Coconut Lentil Soup (Dahl)

    Since I eat plant-based, lentils and beans are my go-to source of protein. I like the texture of these little gems so much more than meat. So funny when I look back at my previous self; I used to love meat. I was even on a Paleo diet for a while. A solely meat-based diet only made me miserable and I was left feeling not comfortable in my own skin. It just didn’t feel right. There are many reasons why I switch to a plant-based way of eating. Adding more vegetables, fruits, beans, legumes, nuts and mostly whole grains or even gluten-free make me feel like I’m on top of…

  • chocolate granola
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    Crunchy Chocolate Granola

    Chocolate powder + oats + nuts + seeds = Chocolate Granola 🙂 As simple as this. You can play with the sweetness of this granola recipe, I tend to lean more towards less sweet. All up to your taste buds. Be creative and replace ingredients you don’t have on hand with just whatever you do have. Makes sense no? Ok let’s go, it’s playtime! Crunchy Chocolate Granola Recipe Type: Breakfast Prep time: 10 mins Cook time: 15 mins Total time: 25 mins Serves: 4 cups Ingredients 1 cup rolled oats 2 1/2 cup mixed nuts and seeds: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, walnuts, they are all perfect 1/3…

  • blue berry smoothie bowl

    Blueberry Smoothie Bowl

    I’m a big fan of smoothie bowls. The base of the smoothies can vary but most of the time I use frozen fruits to get that nice thick firm consistency of ice cream. Think of frozen bananas, avocado, mango and berries. But vegetables would do the trick too. Such as cauliflower (creamy!), pre cooked edamame beans, baked pumpkin or sweet potatoes. Yum, getting hungry again while writing this 🙂 I like these bowls because they are so quick and easy to whip up. Trust me, no rocket science involved in here. Just get whatever you have on hand for the toppings as well. Think of granolas, nuts, seeds, shredded coconut,…

  • ginger banana cookies

    Ginger Banana Almond Cookies

    These cookies are soft and delicate. They’re perfect to enjoy with a cup of herbal tea, coffee when you’re having your well-deserved me-time. Friend, I know you’re a hard-working lady, who cares for your friends and family. But you know what, today is the day you can enjoy these easy to make cookies for some TLC (Tender Love Care). That’s right, I want you to see cooking as an act of self-care. Buying the ingredients, perhaps you already have these in your pantry, measuring the ingredients and taking some time off your busy schedule will do you good. Even if you don’t like to cook or bake, I’m telling you,…

  • walnut basil pesto recipe

    Easy Basil Walnut Pesto

    Who doesn’t love a flavourful pesto? They come in handy in pasta dishes, on toast, mixed with mayonnaise for a cream sauce or dip. This Easy Basil Walnut Pesto is my go-to pesto recipe. I swap the classic pine nuts for walnuts extra crunch, healthy fats and anti-oxidants. Using mainly pantry staples, except for the basil, but basil is easy to get your hands on since they grow through the year. You may even grow your own basil, right in the comfort of your kitchen? Since I started to grow my own vegetables and herbs, I can’t stop making use of them. Stay tuned for more delicious healthy recipes packed…

  • silky skin smoothie

    Silky Skin Smoothie

    Who doesn’t want to have silky soft skin? The good news is that you can eat and drink your way to a healthy and beautiful skin using a few key ingredients. The 7 best foods for glowing skin Dragon fruit or pitaya is high in vitamin C, fight inflammation and has vitamin B6 that helps you regulate your hormones and reduce facial acne. Walnuts are packed with healthy fats even higher than both omega-3 and omega-6 fats. Avocados for the healthy fats that keep your skin moist and flexible. Seeds and chia seeds are in general skin boosters because of healthy fats, vitamin E, selenium, and zink. Paprika is high…

  • food for better sex

    6 Foods For Better Sex Life

    Some people talk about it easily and others prefer to keep it for themselves, a low libido. It occurs more to women than men, but both know the problem. And that while a healthy sex life lowers stress, releases calming endorphins in the brains and healthy blood circulation. That’s why it’s important not to neglect this issue. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities to increase your libido naturally.  The aphrodisiac effect of food is known for many centuries. In ancient China, people believed that warm snake blood would lead to greater sexual stamina in men. The Aztecs attributed exciting forces to the avocado and the Romans considered…

  • blueberry cantuccini

    Blueberry Lemon Cantuccini

    In this household we love everything crispy, crunchy and crusty. Do you remember your grandmother’s pie with that typical crispy crust that you would bite of? Yup, that’s what I’m talking about in this recipe. The other day the boys asked for cookies and normally I would whip up the usual green tea cookies or oatmeal cookies. But then I remember those cantuccini’s from Sarah Britton of My New Roots (awesome site, go check it out!) I made last year. The famous twice-baked cantuccini’s and yes they are different from biscotti, which simply means cookies in Italian. No, I’m talking about the real cantuccini’s what you bake twice. It makes all the difference. It’s…

  • Sweeteners

    6 Natural Sweeteners And Sugar Substitutes

    Let’s talk about sugars. I want to divide them into two groups: the good ones and the bad boys. The consumption of refined white sugar is rising, same goes for artificial sweeteners. This is something what worries me. Nowadays we think having artificial sweeteners like aspartame is a healthier and therefore better substitute compare to white sugar. This is not really the case. The debate around artificial sweeteners has been going on for some time, especially in regard to their damaging side effects to our health. They range from causing headaches and migraines (!) to trigger mood disorders. These are some serious side effects we can’t look away from. Refined sugars aren’t…

  • detox is a myth
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    You Can’t Detox Your Body. It’s a Myth

    The popularity of the so-called Detox and Cleanses have been steady for a while. From the first time it emerged, it was a hype among the healthy living enthusiasts, including myself. Until today, it’s not yet proven whether all the process one must go through to validly do detox and cleansing really does flushes out all toxins from your body. If done wrong, it can even be a boomerang for your overall health. What is Detox? There are two commonly known styles of detox and cleanses; you’re either fasting (not eating for a period) or making liquids the dominant part of your daily life and just eating fruits and vegetables.…

  • clean food tips
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    9 Tips Of Clean Eating

    According to American author and activist Michael Pollan: don’t trust nutrition labels with more than five ingredients. Or if you can’t pronounce the ingredients. Eat food, mostly plants, not too much is the philosophy Michael Pollan lives by. This message is what Pollan has preached in the US. His books about healthy eating are number 1 best sellers. Pollan says we don’t have a clue what we are eating today. Nutritionist often contradict each other and health claims are constantly withdrawn. No wonder we, the consumers, are left confused about what is wrong or right to eat. For a long time food experts agreed that it’s important to cut as much as possible…

  • healthy food trends
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    6 Healthy Food Trends

    Just when you got used to goji berries and wheatgrass shots, it’s time to introduce you the new food trends of 2017. American nutritionists  have listed the next health trends and concepts which has the potential to become a hype sooner than we think. Surely I don’t want to keep this away from you my dear friends. 1. Moringa Move over Kale. It’s time for Moringa Oleifera. This tree, originally from Haiti, gained lots of attention from trend watchers due to its high nutrition value. The leaves contain lots of calcium, potassium, proteins and vitamin A, B, C, D and E. The trees grow in tropical as well as lower…

  • why diets don't work
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    Why You Can’t Lose Weight On A Diet

    Your jeans are slightly too tight around your waist and you are already preparing your new year’s resolution. How much your boyfriend says he loves you the way you are. In fact, it’s his favorite thing in the world to do: holding to your muffin top. Still, you want to lose that stubborn extra weight you are carrying. It’s that time of the season again. Diet season it is. You start off right with a positive attitude and encourage yourself to try the ‘apple diet’. When it’s getting tough after one week you quit, this diet simply doesn’t do it for you. So let’s move over to the low carb…

  • tips for better immune system
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    7 Tips For A Better Immune System

    Having a good immune system will prevent you from catching a cold or flu. But the question really is how to get a good immune system? Or better yet how to maintain one? The best remedy would be a ‘staycation’ on a tropical island (hello Bali!) fuzz and stress-free. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for all of us, thus my seven tips to stay healthy and sane 🙂 1. Sex. Lots of it At least one or two times per week sex will boost up your immune system, according to the research of the University of Pennsylvania. People who regularly have sex, have an ideal functioning immune system compare…

  • 7 ways to use turmeric

    7 Easy Ways To Consume Turmeric

    Meet Turmeric Meet turmeric, one of my favorite spices. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, turmeric, botanical name Curcuma Longa, which has been used in India for thousands of years. Today, it is one of the most respected spices in the world. Researchers all over the world continue to uncover its health benefits, including its ability to fight infections, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive problems. Different ways to use turmeric I can imagine that you are clueless when it comes to cooking with this power ingredient. There are many ways you can eat and drink this amazing spice. The possibilities are endless and it’s only limited to your own creativity.…

  • coconut oil

    10 Impressive Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

    There’s been a lot of craze around coconuts. Not to mention all the coconut products that are available nowadays. Let’s see, you’ve got coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut shreds, coconut water, coconut milk coconut cream, coconut flour, and what am I missing? Even though 1 tbsp. of Coconut oil contains 120 calories, these 120 calories don’t act the same in the body as say 120 calories from other oils. The flesh of the coconut is very high in healthy fatty acids. The composition of fat varies depending on the type and processing of the oil. The bottom line, coconut oil is one not to be missed in your diet and cooking essentials. Let’s discover why with the…

  • golden turmeric latte

    Golden Turmeric Latte: The Anti-Inflammatory Power Drink

    Turmeric is the orange-yellow golden root family of the ginger. It’s known for its anti-inflammation healing power. A teaspoon of turmeric a day keeps inflammation, toxins, pain, and cancers at bay. In Indonesia, the golden turmeric is incorporated in plenty of ways. There’s the famous nasi kuning (yellow fragrant coconut turmeric rice) and jamu, which is a medicinal herbal drink. I love to make my own jamu with its main ingredient turmeric combined with lemon, ginger (optional), and honey. Today’s recipe is about turmeric latte, praised for it’s healing power and a popular drink in both India and lately in the US too in places such as San Fransisco and…

  • almond flour article

    Almond Flour As a Substitute For Regular Flour

    Arguably, almond has one of the tastiest flavors among its siblings in nut families. The usage of almond is varied from raw consumption, in flakes on top of muffin and breakfast bread, and in the form of flour. The latter is the way to enjoy almond in its organic and wholesome nutrient just like it comes down from its tree. There are two terms that widely used to refer processed almond, which are almond meal and almond flour. The meal form is much coarser and still has the fruit skins, while the flour is resulting from a blanched almond with no skin on it, giving it a more refined texture.…

  • start cooking with mung beans

    Why You Should Start Eating Mung Beans

    A childhood treat that still bring us a nostalgic feeling and happy palate is a bowl of fresh mung bean ice, especially if we live in Southeast Asia region, where mung beans are practically used widely to create a delectable feast. Little that we care, the micro, sweet green beans are full of nutrients our body has been seeking for. The first finding of mung bean was in the land of India before entering the whole Asia and landed in United States. The shape of these little beans is generally oval, with a variety in enjoying it. Indian cuisine often features the peeled and split mung beans while the sprouts…

  • acai smoothie bowl

    Acai Smoothie Bowl

    Acai berries are around for quite some time. It’s only since the last decade that it has been labeled as a superfood in the Western world and therefore a major trend in a healthy lifestyle. Berries, in general, are a great addition to your diet. Although experts say acai berry is one of the healthiest berries among them all. Acai is an indigenous berry commonly found in the rain forests of the Amazon. This antioxidant-rich fruit has been popular for centuries as a healing, immune-stimulating and energy booster. I found a shortlist on the internet about the health benefits of this beautiful berry. Let’s check them out: Heart Health Resistant…

  • breakfast berries crumble

    Breakfast Berries Crumble

    Research shows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I totally agree with it. After a good night’s sleep, not eaten for so many hours, your stomach is empty, you are hungry and need the energy to kick start the day. So for me, it’s always a challenge to come up with new breakfast ideas since we always take time to have breakfast together. We do always start with fresh cold press juices. Then the usual would be either egg any style paired with bacon and veggies, or oatmeal with various toppings, greek yogurt with homemade granola, or some paleo bread with avocado. During weekends I love to…

  • creamy hummus

    The Best Creamy Hummus

    Growing up in Amsterdam made me very multicultural, which I’ve experienced as a very good thing that I’m grateful for. I love to travel, meet new friends with all sorts of cultural backgrounds and the bonus of all is trying out new food during my travels. I don’t really have a favorite cuisine, but somehow I have a soft spot for Middle Eastern cuisine. A creamy hummus definitely makes my heart beats faster, it’s one of my favorite dips! The main ingredient chickpeas is an underrated legume if I may say. Since eating a plant-based diet I always turn to chickpeas when I want to eat something filling, healthy, packed…

  • miso eggplant nasu dengaku

    Grilled Miso Eggplant (Nasu Dengaku)

    Lately, I’ve been expanding my knowledge on fermenting food. Fermented foods like yogurt, sauerkraut, kombucha, miso, and kimchi are not only healthy to consume, but they also come with a special taste, which you need to get use to. Fermented foods But what are fermented foods actually? Fermented foods have been gone through a process of lactofermentation, which means that natural bacteria feed on the sugar and starch in the food and therefore creates lactic acid. Because of the fermentation, foods are preserved and all good enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids and probiotics are kept alive. Eating fermented food also helps improving your digestion system. If you think of the common…

  • gluten free cranberry chocolate cake

    Chocolate Cranberry Almond Cake

    Women and chocolate. It’s a love-hate relationship isn’t it? I have to say, that I’m more a fruit type if it comes to baking and eating cakes. Most of the time, Andrew and I will have a good strawberry tart, apple pie, or lemon meringue, instead of heavy chocolate options. But today we made an exception and created this off the hook chocolate almond cake. Totally gluten-free and natural sweeten. Pure cacao is considered a superfood, so we generously use it in this recipe. Research shows that eating pure cacao can make you happy, as it triggers endorphins in your body. I love to make almond milk and saved the…

  • asian bonito flake salad with sesame dressing

    Asian Bonito Flake Salad

    Once in a while I need to have my Japanese/Korean grocery shopping fix. Whether in Amsterdam or Jakarta (my two hometowns) In Amsterdam I love to pay a visit to Meidi-Ya and Shilla. As for Jakarta I go to Papaya in Citywalk to still my Japanese snacking cravings. Good thing about these places is that they also serve the best pre cooked meals in cute bento boxes. There’s something magical and delicate in these supermarkets. In fact, it sometimes feel like you are wandering through a local grocery store somewhere in Japan. I love to stroll down the aisle and discover new products and bring them home to experiment with them. Now the…

  • rosemary raisin crackers

    Rosemary And Raisin Seed Crackers

    What I like about creating and experimenting a recipe, is that I never know how it turns out at the end. It’s always a surprise for me, although I’ve imagined it in the perfect way in my mind. Before I made these crackers I was very much into making granola. Making granola is such a fun and easy thing to do. You can make granola balls out of it, a deconstructed way in different shapes or super crumbled. After playing with the various options and flavors of making granola, I came with the idea of making crackers, by just flatten the mixture out. To keep things together I use psyllium…

  • matcha soy latte

    Matcha Soy Latte

    I love everything with matcha or green tea taste. I used to think that taking the green tea option was a healthier choice over chocolate flavors. Which in the end is not quite true as both has sugars, when store-bought, in cookies or lattes. But when making it yourself it changes everything. You can control the (natural!) sugar amount, make it dairy or dairy-free, the amount of green tea powder or matcha. In this recipe use soy milk as my creamer of choice, especially since I’m a proud owner of the Hurom slow juicer, I love to juice beans and all sorts of nuts like almond and cashews. So it…