• Healing Detox Tea

    Healing Detox Tea

    The last couple of weeks were quite extraordinary on the island of Bali — several earthquakes, lots of rain for a dry season and too many mozzies, who said climate change is not a real thing? You better be prepared when the weather changes drastically. So I came up with this Healing Detox Tea for when you feel under the weather. Or actually, you should drink this as an immune booster/gut healing/miracle/detox concoction. Whenever you are drinking this, it’s good for you! So without further ado, let’s get brewing! Healing Detox Tea Prep time: 5 mins Total time: 5 mins Serves: 1 liter Ingredients 1 liter filtered (warm) water Juice…

  • ginger banana cookies

    Ginger Banana Almond Cookies

    These cookies are soft and delicate. They’re perfect to enjoy with a cup of herbal tea, coffee when you’re having your well-deserved me-time. Friend, I know you’re a hard-working lady, who cares for your friends and family. But you know what, today is the day you can enjoy these easy to make cookies for some TLC (Tender Love Care). That’s right, I want you to see cooking as an act of self-care. Buying the ingredients, perhaps you already have these in your pantry, measuring the ingredients and taking some time off your busy schedule will do you good. Even if you don’t like to cook or bake, I’m telling you,…

  • 7 ways to use turmeric

    7 Easy Ways To Consume Turmeric

    Meet Turmeric Meet turmeric, one of my favorite spices. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family, turmeric, botanical name Curcuma Longa, which has been used in India for thousands of years. Today, it is one of the most respected spices in the world. Researchers all over the world continue to uncover its health benefits, including its ability to fight infections, reduce inflammation, and treat digestive problems. Different ways to use turmeric I can imagine that you are clueless when it comes to cooking with this power ingredient. There are many ways you can eat and drink this amazing spice. The possibilities are endless and it’s only limited to your own creativity.…

  • beetroot juice

    Beet Root Juice

    I want to dare you. Yes, you. Try this recipe, especially if you are not a fan of beetroot. Beets have the most exquisite color, yet they are not popular among men. It’s true that you have to get used to the earthy, ground flavor, but considering how healthy these little charms are, you should give it a try! It has been linked with lowering blood pressure, boosting your stamina, fighting inflammation, and supporting your detoxification process. I’m a juice lover, and we have this habit at home of drinking fresh juice every single morning. My fridge is stocked with fresh fruit and veggies, mostly for juicing purposes. This tradition…