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You’re invited to the Mompreneurs Health Club™️ online course!

It’s the most comprehensive online program for working mothers to find balance with food and weight, feel confident without dieting in a sustainable and supportive way. 

Mompreneurs Health Club™️ is the only 6-week online health coaching program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to plan and create your daily healthy routines and meals with ease— but how to maintain this new lifestyle in your busy schedule with more grace and kindness.

  • Do you suffer from dieting and counting calories?

Let’s focus on nourishing whole foods 

  • Are you hateful towards your body?

Start to be grateful for it

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?

Let me help you find your mojo back!

It’s time you say “No thank you” to:

Trying to figure out how to find balance with food and weight all by yourself. Just because you’re smart and capable doesn’t mean you can’t accept help. Especially when this help is a way of supporting your health and happiness that actually works! 

Guessing about the next best diet, food, workout, routine you should make. Is it cutting out meat from your diet? Maybe you should start doing yoga? Or, maybe you need to meditate? #sendhelp 

Wishing you could lose weight, feel confident and become happy without having a real plan to get you there. That’s like cooking a meal without knowing what ingredients to use and hoping it comes out delicious. 

Researching and reading all the free one size fits all diet plans, workouts and quick fixes on internet and using them to achieve your optimal health. That’s not a strategy. That’s wishful thinking. 

You and your health deserve better

Do you know what happens when you draw a line and decide that the old way of eating, working out, thinking and talking about yourself and your body isn’t good enough anymore?

That’s when everything you want starts falling into place and you take back control over your health and happiness.

Mompreneurs Health Club™️ is a 6-week online coaching program for working mothers who are ready to take charge over their health & happiness.

By the end of the program you’ll have:

  • Nailed down your health and weight loss goals and set the right intentions to take action
  • Planned your morning routines, workouts and every meal of the day.
  • Implemented a variety of self-care activities without guilt but only pleasure.
  • Shopped real ingredients to make delicious and nourishing meals for you and your family. 
  • Mealprepped like a pro with ease and know exactly how to make a balanced plate.
  • Discovered what kind of physical activities fit your mood and personality.
  • Included meditation and journaling as your way to recharge and become mindful. 
  • Shifted your mindset around weight loss to a place of more self-love and kindness.

But above all else, Mompreneurs Health Club™️ will give you the tools and wisdom to finally feel confident, make healthy choices with ease, loving yourself unconditionally and finally start living a happy and balanced life.

​What Are You Waiting For?

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