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You Can’t Detox Your Body. It’s a Myth

The popularity of the so-called Detox and Cleanses have been steady for a while. From the first time it emerged, it was a hype among the healthy living enthusiasts, including myself. Until today, it’s not yet proven whether all the process one must go through to validly do detox and cleansing really does flushes out all toxins from your body. If done wrong, it can even be a boomerang for your overall health.

What is Detox?

There are two commonly known styles of detox and cleanses; you’re either fasting (not eating for a period) or making liquids the dominant part of your daily life and just eating fruits and vegetables. Please note that this lifestyle can’t be done perpetually because your body does need its usual vitamins and you sure can’t get it by fasting and drinking liquids only. 

Start Shopping

If you have made up your mind about this, please balance it out with a clean choice of food as well so your fasting time doesn’t go to waste. Water is a must as the detox notion is to rule out all the toxins (detox, get it?). Make sure you don’t forget to drink plenty of water, to keep you hydrated and full. 

Now onto shopping. Stock vegetables, fruits, whole grains as well as lean proteins. No processed food at this point, if you want to stick to a cleaner gut. Please avoid the sweet tooth and your Netflix-binge food aisle and talk yourself out of it. I know you can do it 🙂

For the purpose of detoxing, foods, and drinks like green tea, garlic, ginger, lemons, grapefruits, and kale are good options. 

Prepare Your Food

Prep your lean protein with vegetables by baking or steaming them. Steaming is arguably the cleanest way of cooking, and it’s only likely to use natural ingredients as well. Olive or coconut oil, fresh herbs and spices, whole grains and plant-based everything are your allies. Or you can opt for juicing your vegetables and fruits and pour them in sterile jars and bottles. 

Am I losing Few Pounds?

Certainly, you are. Those few pounds off the scale is not the results of the heavy toxin you think burdening your body all this time. That’s probably just water and some fats your body can eliminate on its own if only you choose not to do detox nor cleanse. What’s the point, then?

If you keep eating clean your overall health will be improved over time. But once you go back to the old habit of munching everything (it’s understandably hard to binge-watch Netflix without any snack encouragement), the weight will likely greet you hello as well. If you stick to clean eating you can definitely see it in your skin, hair, and nails. 

Am I Really Toxin-Free?

Here’s the cold, harsh truth (not really). Your body is already designed to do its job in eliminating toxins regularly with little to no help from you. Your body can manage well. The only thing you need to concerned about is whether the things you eat really do have a positive impact on your body. If you fast in the hope of losing pounds quicker, be ready if those fats come back as fast as you lost it. It only works with regularly eating clean and real food, and for that, balance your fasting with good eating habits have already helped your body.

So…it’s All pointless?

Well, your body is full of toxins, and sometimes it can hold toxins for so long because you started feeling it. Your sensitivities to a certain food, your anxiety, headache, and constipation can be among signs of toxins piling up. When you turn to healthier food choices (and exercise, always a good idea), your body heals, so does your mind and even your emotion.

All I’m saying is there’s no short cut or instant solution. Take it one step at a time and remember to treat your body well, it’s the temple where you live in after all. 

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